Geneva Point Center Accommodations

About Geneva Point Center (GPC)

Historic Geneva Point is a conference and summer camp center located on Lake Winnipesaukee, in the foothills of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Geneva Point’s facilities are located on 184 acres of forested grounds that sit at the edge of nearly one mile of Lake Winnipesaukee shoreline. Among its many features, Geneva Point is noted for its historic buildings, forest trails and nearly one mile of shoreline with three pristine beaches that look up at the Ossipee Mountains.

The dedicated staff at GPC works hard to provide hospitality, delicious food, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Three square meals each day are prepared and served by staff – no cooking, no serving, no cleaning up!

GPC is equipped with accommodations ranging from simple bunkhouse style units to modern motel-style rooms with private baths, providing for the individual and economic needs of guests. Camping facilities are also available.